Why ‘Self-Care’ Is Important for Everyone

When some people think of the term ‘self-care’, their minds only go to spas, manicures, scented baths and retail therapy. To a lot of folks who haven’t taken a minute to think about it, he whole concept seems to have connotations of (a) frivolousness or stereotypical feminine activities and, relatedly (b) being something for women.

Now, that’s not just narrow-minded and sexist… it’s also just wrong. It can take all kinds of forms, and it’s crucial for everyone to take some time for themselves. And, ironically, just taking a minute to think about things is what it all comes down to…


Pictured: self-care experts.

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January as a New Start

With the New Year and everyone making ‘Resolutions,’ there was also the requisite posts and articles about how resolutions suck and don’t work, and a few click bait ones that say “you don’t need to change on the New Year, you need to always be changing.”

As someone who is always striving to improve, although I agree with the latter sentiment I think that it is still harmful to the concept to say starting with the new year is stupid.

And as someone who uses every January as a “Fresh Start” herself, I’m here to defend the concept, and the month, from these people constantly trying to ridicule and knock it down – as well as encourage those who may be frightened off to still take the opportunity that lies within.

Time to getter' done!! (image from riskology.co).

Time to getter’ done!! (image from riskology.co).

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Reading Challenge 2017

It’s a new year, and for us that means a new reading challenge!

A few of you might remember our announcement of a similar thing last year. We… well, didn’t do great. A lot of things – notably, the wedding! – conspired against our ambition to get back into reading in a big way.

But, a new year, us already more on top of our goals and plans, and a couple twelve-hour flights coming up?  Bring it on.

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Some of the Goals for the Year

I’ve seen a lot of articles recently about how New Years Resolutions are dumb and not useful… and to be honest, if all you’re going to do is on New Years say “I’m going to work out for two hours every day” then those articles are probably going to be truthful.

In reality, it is best to work on yourself personally, professional, health-wise all year long, and work on your relationships all year long as well. Never stop moving forward.

Ed mentioned this a bit yesterday – Ed and I use the New Years as a stepping stone in our goals, perhaps something you may consider yourselves. We have points during the year  where we stop and talk about them to see if we need to adjust them – are we trying too much, too little? And most years we build up on the last – we want to get to 1 hour or working out every other day this year and amp up to one hour every day next year, yadda yadda. We just use January as one of those points to review and move forward – how did we do last year, what do we want to try this year.

Go ahead and try this more complex version for yourselves! As Ed mentioned yesterday, it’s quite helpful for relationships in staying open, being supportive and growing together.

That aside, what are we working on this year?

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