Snuggled up Sickies

I didn’t get my regular post in last night, because I was out with a really bad headache and felt miserable.

So I thought I’d get something quick and cute in before Ed got his post done.

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Why ‘Self-Care’ Is Important for Everyone

When some people think of the term ‘self-care’, their minds only go to spas, manicures, scented baths and retail therapy. To a lot of folks who haven’t taken a minute to think about it, he whole concept seems to have connotations of (a) frivolousness or stereotypical feminine activities and, relatedly (b) being something for women.

Now, that’s not just narrow-minded and sexist… it’s also just wrong. It can take all kinds of forms, and it’s crucial for everyone to take some time for themselves. And, ironically, just taking a minute to think about things is what it all comes down to…


Pictured: self-care experts.

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New to the Apple Watch

I’ve wanted my very own smart watch for a while… I figured I go with apple only because I do have the rest of the ‘environment’ and I do enjoy that aspect. But a watch is a big buy and I’d waited and waited, regularly taking a peak at them in stores and trying to figure out what would be the point at which I’d allow myself to get one.

After Ed got his, I watched him use it and it made me want one even more. I also thought it would be nice to have for Japan in keeping myself organized. But it wasn’t either of those things that made me do it… I was having such a hard time at work that, after realizing we were doing quite well with finances, I’d tell Ed if I was productive one evening I wanted to award myself and get something nice for me.

So a few days later, I went and ordered my pink Apple Watch with the blue and pink band.

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Bullet Journals: A Personal Piece on Their Use Thus Far

I keep wanting to journal, but I fail miserably every time. I start off well but then I stop, because I didn’t have time a night or two… then catching up would take up too much time… so the journal peters out.

I heard about the bullet journal for organization… I already love my calendar and to-do list, but I thought why not… maybe I can try adding a piece to my routine that should hopefully have me journal-ing every day.

At some point we’ll do a review of bullet-journaling on a Thoughtful Thursday, but right now I’m going to tell you all about my view on it so far.


My very pink journal

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Gettin’ Stylish

Caitlin remembers clearly what she was wearing the first time – and second time – she met me. It sounds sweet, but it’s actually because she was so embarrassed by the jeans & hoodie combo – and was afraid of what I would think of her.

Me, I didn’t notice. In part because she was the most asdfhssadjasdjaspd gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, but also because “jeans and hoodie” was pretty much the entire extent of my wardrobe at the time.

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