The Japan “Journal”

When Ed and I travelled to Nova Scotia, we brought along a journal that we used to track our activities and how much everything cost. The little journal kept us on track for our road trip, and in the end we ended up being well under budget.

For Japan, we know the budget is already gone before we even touch down in the country because we kept saying “hey, it’s our honeymoon!”

And as much as we’re going to let loose and have fun, we need to make sure we don’t let “hey, it’s our honeymoon!” go to far.

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The Japan Packing List

Packing is most certainly a complicated task requiring strategy and diplomacy.

Due to Japan’s location and unique makeup, Edward and I will be travelling together for a month in a country where we will experience beaches and mountains, summer-like sun and winter-like cold (and maybe even snow).

And yet, as mentioned earlier, we are going to try getting all of our stuff in 2 carry-ons (we’re looking into if we can also have a personal item for the flights) and 1 fairly big suitcase.

So what’s on our list to cover it all?

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A Quick Packing Tip

I’m pretty notorious for bringing a lot of stuff back from vacation… my family will sure be quick to tell you just how insane it was to get all my crap home after my 10 month stay on France (they were especially horrified when they saw the 5×3 foot poster I was keen to bring back).

But I do like to decorate my home with mementos of adventures past, and therefore I like to try to figure out the best way to bring them back – and the trick we’re using for Japan comes from how my family managed to get my stuff back from France (in much smaller quantities this time though…).

Edward and I are borrowing my parents’ hard suitcase, and it’s a medium-large sized one. All of our things are being packed in that or our two carry-ons. We want the hard one for any fragile things we may bring back.

We then have a big soft-sided suitcase. We are then shoving the medium one inside the large one (it actually JUST fits so it’s deceivingly big). This way, we are effectively traveling with and empty suitcase – until we finally need some extra room!

One would hope that’s all the space we’re going to need…

(Picture not included as my parents need the suitcase for their upcoming trip to Spain :))

If you can pack small and want to bring back a lot, try it for yourselves!

Don’t Forget! (for Your Honeymoon)

If you, like many people, plan to take your honeymoon right after your wedding [congratulations, by the way!], you might just find that you’re so stressed about the wedding planning that you’ve overlooked a couple details that it pays to remember.

Even if, like us, you have a pretty major break between the big day and the big trip, it doesn’t hurt to double check that you(r better half) have these items all checked off…

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The Upcoming Honeymoon

So we keep talking about this big trip, and we’ve mentioned it’s a month long and to Japan, but otherwise we haven’t given details.

So… with 60 odd days before we go, here are some details about the big trip, and all the planning!


Getting so insanely excited! (Image from

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