Are we ‘fit’ for Japan?

Something we’re going to doing a lot of in Japan is walking. We’re gonna be on our feet a lot. And, we’re going to probably be up and out the door earlier quite a bit to make the most of our time there. So, are are we feeling fit enough for it? Are we nervous?

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Organization Strategies for Japan

Putting everything together for our trip has been a real effort, and just like for our wedding we used a variety of tools and strategies to keep on top of everything (mostly). If you’re planning a big trip or event of your own, or are just curious how we did it, here’s a few of our tactics… Read More

10 Reasons to Stay In on Valentines

Going out to a nice restaurant is a tried and true Valentine’s Day staple. But why not try having a romantic evening at home? I can think of a few reasons…

  1. WAY easier to get reservations.
  2. Cooking together can be fun and romantic itself.
  3. You get to set the ambiance.
  4. YOU GET TO SET THE MUSIC! (“Oh honey, it’s our song…. oh… the dubstep version).
  5. Less travel time (more together time).
  6. More socially acceptable if you decide to get “romantic” before/during/after dinner.
  7. Much lower risk of having to witness a failed wedding proposal.
  8. Fewer people to see/record/live-tweet if your own wedding proposal fails.
  9. Come to think of it, avoids a lot of “my ex is the waiter” type rom-com cliches.
  10. It’s cheaper (unless you go REALLY overboard with the fancy cheeses).

Making an Event out of Driving

With freezing rain blanketing Toronto today, it seemed like an appropriate time to share some thoughts I’d been having recently – in light of conversations with various people about distracted driving, self-driving cars, and the like.

It boils down to a philosophy of mine that’s strange for some, seemingly downright alien to others, but so important to my daily life: making each time I go out for a drive an event.

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Smart-Watch Newcomer (Moto 360 2)

I’ve rarely been an early adopter of new tech. Sometimes that’s because of financial obstacles – often it’s simply not seeing the burning need for whatever the latest “thing” is. Sometimes I’m concerned about how well something is going to hold up long-term (“early adopter” is just a marketing term for “sucker”, says my engineering friend).

Considering I was in my 20s before I had a smartphone (remember when high-powered smartphones were still called “superphones”?), I was surprised myself to see a smartwatch appear on my wrist a little before Christmas.

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