Gonna Miss These Floofs

The hardest thing about getting ready for Japan hasn’t been packing for mountains, beaches and everything in between, or the language and distance hurdles, or making sure our co-workers won’t let things descend into anarchy while we’re away.

By a wide margin, it’s getting ready for a whole month without our pets.

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Practicing Japanese

I’ll freely admit up front that I expected to be further with learning Japanese than we actually are… but also that the basics are actually a lot easier than I expected!

We’ve mentioned before that Japanese is spoken very differently to pretty much any other language – there’s no emphasis on syllables, so remembering to say words you’d learned as “yo-ko-sue-ka” as “yocooska”is tricky!

But, with the aid of JapanesePod101, we’re starting to pick up the essentials. And, doing it together has proven a fun way to spend evenings as a couple, too. Read More

A Date in the Making…

Originally, this was going to be a post about a quiet night in date, exploring some new anime we wanted to check out and generally binge-watching together. We’re definitely staying in tonight, but spending it on other things… checking in and crossing things off for our big trip to the homeland of anime, for one thing!

So, this is more a placeholder to tell you to check this space tomorrow – we’ve got much more exciting plans as part of a trip into the city. So look forward to a report on photography, Toronto history, and games!

10 Reasons to Stay In on Valentines

Going out to a nice restaurant is a tried and true Valentine’s Day staple. But why not try having a romantic evening at home? I can think of a few reasons…

  1. WAY easier to get reservations.
  2. Cooking together can be fun and romantic itself.
  3. You get to set the ambiance.
  4. YOU GET TO SET THE MUSIC! (“Oh honey, it’s our song…. oh… the dubstep version).
  5. Less travel time (more together time).
  6. More socially acceptable if you decide to get “romantic” before/during/after dinner.
  7. Much lower risk of having to witness a failed wedding proposal.
  8. Fewer people to see/record/live-tweet if your own wedding proposal fails.
  9. Come to think of it, avoids a lot of “my ex is the waiter” type rom-com cliches.
  10. It’s cheaper (unless you go REALLY overboard with the fancy cheeses).