Organization Strategies for Japan

Putting everything together for our trip has been a real effort, and just like for our wedding we used a variety of tools and strategies to keep on top of everything (mostly). If you’re planning a big trip or event of your own, or are just curious how we did it, here’s a few of our tactics… Read More


A Quick Packing Tip

I’m pretty notorious for bringing a lot of stuff back from vacation… my family will sure be quick to tell you just how insane it was to get all my crap home after my 10 month stay on France (they were especially horrified when they saw the 5×3 foot poster I was keen to bring back).

But I do like to decorate my home with mementos of adventures past, and therefore I like to try to figure out the best way to bring them back – and the trick we’re using for Japan comes from how my family managed to get my stuff back from France (in much smaller quantities this time though…).

Edward and I are borrowing my parents’ hard suitcase, and it’s a medium-large sized one. All of our things are being packed in that or our two carry-ons. We want the hard one for any fragile things we may bring back.

We then have a big soft-sided suitcase. We are then shoving the medium one inside the large one (it actually JUST fits so it’s deceivingly big). This way, we are effectively traveling with and empty suitcase – until we finally need some extra room!

One would hope that’s all the space we’re going to need…

(Picture not included as my parents need the suitcase for their upcoming trip to Spain :))

If you can pack small and want to bring back a lot, try it for yourselves!

Bullet Journals: A Personal Piece on Their Use Thus Far

I keep wanting to journal, but I fail miserably every time. I start off well but then I stop, because I didn’t have time a night or two… then catching up would take up too much time… so the journal peters out.

I heard about the bullet journal for organization… I already love my calendar and to-do list, but I thought why not… maybe I can try adding a piece to my routine that should hopefully have me journal-ing every day.

At some point we’ll do a review of bullet-journaling on a Thoughtful Thursday, but right now I’m going to tell you all about my view on it so far.


My very pink journal

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When Good IS Good Enough

Despite what a lot of people would wish, a Facebook post is rarely going to be a life-altering event.

That said, once in a while one can point you in the right direction. That’s how it was when I saw one talking about how important it was to just do your best. Do what you can, and be proud of that achievement – rather than beating yourself up over what you couldn’t do, and ESPECIALLY rather than not doing anything in the first place because you’re afraid it won’t be as amazing as you wish it could be.

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