Making an Event out of Driving

With freezing rain blanketing Toronto today, it seemed like an appropriate time to share some thoughts I’d been having recently – in light of conversations with various people about distracted driving, self-driving cars, and the like.

It boils down to a philosophy of mine that’s strange for some, seemingly downright alien to others, but so important to my daily life: making each time I go out for a drive an event.

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Smart-Watch Newcomer (Moto 360 2)

I’ve rarely been an early adopter of new tech. Sometimes that’s because of financial obstacles – often it’s simply not seeing the burning need for whatever the latest “thing” is. Sometimes I’m concerned about how well something is going to hold up long-term (“early adopter” is just a marketing term for “sucker”, says my engineering friend).

Considering I was in my 20s before I had a smartphone (remember when high-powered smartphones were still called “superphones”?), I was surprised myself to see a smartwatch appear on my wrist a little before Christmas.

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