A Date in the Making…

Originally, this was going to be a post about a quiet night in date, exploring some new anime we wanted to check out and generally binge-watching together. We’re definitely staying in tonight, but spending it on other things… checking in and crossing things off for our big trip to the homeland of anime, for one thing!

So, this is more a placeholder to tell you to check this space tomorrow – we’ve got much more exciting plans as part of a trip into the city. So look forward to a report on photography, Toronto history, and games!


Snuggled up Sickies

I didn’t get my regular post in last night, because I was out with a really bad headache and felt miserable.

So I thought I’d get something quick and cute in before Ed got his post done.

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Making Dinner Together

The February date I gifted Edward for Christmas was to make dinner together, so that is what we did for this past Valentines day.

Being in the kitchen is something I personally adore and grew up with. My parents are big foodies, and I have a lot of memories being in the kitchen with my mom while growing up.

Food is also something I brought into Ed’s life, as his parents had a very different take on the subject. So it became a big thing in our relationship – trying new foods and spending time in the kitchen together.

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10 Reasons to Stay In on Valentines

Going out to a nice restaurant is a tried and true Valentine’s Day staple. But why not try having a romantic evening at home? I can think of a few reasons…

  1. WAY easier to get reservations.
  2. Cooking together can be fun and romantic itself.
  3. You get to set the ambiance.
  4. YOU GET TO SET THE MUSIC! (“Oh honey, it’s our song…. oh… the dubstep version).
  5. Less travel time (more together time).
  6. More socially acceptable if you decide to get “romantic” before/during/after dinner.
  7. Much lower risk of having to witness a failed wedding proposal.
  8. Fewer people to see/record/live-tweet if your own wedding proposal fails.
  9. Come to think of it, avoids a lot of “my ex is the waiter” type rom-com cliches.
  10. It’s cheaper (unless you go REALLY overboard with the fancy cheeses).

Continue To Date

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to relationships – in particular what it takes to have one. There seems to be a disconnect that if the two people are growing, somehow the relationship stays static. It doesn’t.

And one of the best pieces of advice you’ll hear is ‘keep dating.’

Ed and I make sure to keep having little outings to ourselves to keep it special, and times to step away from current events and our busy work lives to catch up with each other. If we’re going to both be continually growing, let’s do it together.

So, in honour of Valentine’s Day coming up – here’s a few examples from our lives of just small little ideas to do on a regular basis to keep the relationship strong and keep in touch with each other – and why it’s so important.

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