Buying Blind (with help from FLGSs)

When it comes to tabletop game shopping, Edward and I usually test before we invest. We use the cafes and open box games at some of our downtown stores to get a good taste before we go in and buy. This is mostly because it is an expensive hobby… and we want to make sure what ends up on our shelves gets relatively used.

But, with TableTop Day being announced (April 29), we thought it would be a good time to talk about a good connection for any game-interested person: Friendly Local Game Shops.

And our topic for today? I’m going to name some Torontonian FLGSs and some tips on how they can help you shop… especially ‘buying blind.’

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Cafe Date (Dec 2016)

As a Christmas Gift to ourselves, we gave ourselves a Snakes & Lattes date and a budget for games. It had been a while since we went on a cafe date as we were watching out money for the wedding (and now we are for Japan, but we felt we deserved a treat).

It was nice to get back to the mega library they offer and the decent food. We both got the really rich and decadent mac and cheese, I ordered a smoothie, we both had sundaes to top everything off.

But of course, we were happy to be getting back in to one of our favourite shared hobbies. Games.

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The Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic (CTVRC)

It can be nervous going to a new doctor. It can be even more nerve-wracking going to a new veterinarian – leave alone when there’s something serious wrong with your beloved pet.

So what if you double down when you get referred to a specialist for a health issue? That’s the situation we found ourselves in with our lovable doofus Kooks, which is why I’m delighted that I can say lots of good things about the CTVRC in Toronto.

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Our Special Wedding Prints

Caitlin has worked for quite a while with the specialist printer Posterjack. They’re located in a scrappy area constantly under construction, but their quality of work and customer service is phenomenal.

So it was hardly ever a question that we would get a couple of our very favourite wedding photos turned into special-material prints like Caitlin uses for her art (and like we did for our engagement shoot).

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