Sanrio Crate: “Hello!” Review

Playing off my mothers nickname for me, a few of my friends called me “Kitty”… and it stuck enough to be part of my handle and to still associate me to Hello Kitty today.

I didn’t actually know much about Hello Kitty until mid-high school when I started becoming associated with the Sanrio character through the nickname. I quickly fell in love with the little cat-like being and her red bow, and soon after I revelled in acquiring almost anything HK related.

So when LootCrate offered the Sanrio Crate, I signed up.

The first box was themed to "Hello."

The first box was themed to “Hello.”

(Review not sponsored by Sanrio or LootCrate)

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Firefly Loot Crate Review – Serenity

We’ve reviewed Loot Crates before, but this one… this one’s somethin’ real special. And shiny.

If you weren’t already aware, in a oh-come-on-we-can’t-not-buy-that move, Loot Crate announced a line of Firefly/Serenity themed crates – each one dedicated to a specific character, and packed to the brim with exclusive items.

And the latest crate we received was based not on a character in the traditional sense, but something that any Browncoat will swear has a personality and development over the course of the show – the titular Firefly-class transport ship, Serenity herself.

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