Our Special Wedding Prints

Caitlin has worked for quite a while with the specialist printer Posterjack. They’re located in a scrappy area constantly under construction, but their quality of work and customer service is phenomenal.

So it was hardly ever a question that we would get a couple of our very favourite wedding photos turned into special-material prints like Caitlin uses for her art (and like we did for our engagement shoot).

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Wedding Mementos: Our Table Centerpiece

It’s always nice to have some things from your big special day around the house post major event. A scrap book or photo album, printed pictures, maybe a shadow box with little keepsakes or even the gown.

We’re planning on having pretty much all of those, some with a twist, and also adding on a couple other things.

And one is our dining room centerpiece.


Centerpiece, and guest appearance by grumpy cat.


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