Japan Journal #1 – Okinawa World

We have finally arrived! Today was our first true day and we’re in Okinawa. We spent today going to a variety of the southern end of Okinawa and some just outside of Naha (where we’re staying).

One place we went was Okinawa World – a theme park of Okinawan culture. A little touristy, but fun. They offer a nice variety of hands on things – some I knew about before going, others surprised me!

For example, I was surprised to find out you could pick your own pearl out of an oyster. So I did! I found a big one! And I paid to have them put it on a necklace right there in front of me. Too awesome!

Here’s some pics!

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The Upcoming Trip – Itinerary + Blog Changes

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to the airport. We’ll be gone for the whole month! Just how busy have we been getting ready? Busy enough to have posts written but get too jammed to post them, two nights running?


So, post is about two things – sharing our itinerary about where we’re going, and explaining what’s happening with the blog while we’re away. And, it’s a bit longer than our usual Monday fare by way of apology for being quiet over the weekend!

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Zoids Master Models

I never actually got through the full show, but when I was a teenager I loved the Zoids: New Century series. The big piloted animal robots were so cool and even though I remember the writing being stereo-typically cheesy, I loved the zoids to no end.

I also loved the build-able models you could get while the show was around. But, the best ones were expensive and not easy to find in Canada and when young I got only the couple I could afford.

It wasn’t until I met Ed, and as a gift for me he went hunting for the “Master Models.”

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Are we ‘fit’ for Japan?

Something we’re going to doing a lot of in Japan is walking. We’re gonna be on our feet a lot. And, we’re going to probably be up and out the door earlier quite a bit to make the most of our time there. So, are are we feeling fit enough for it? Are we nervous?

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The Japan “Journal”

When Ed and I travelled to Nova Scotia, we brought along a journal that we used to track our activities and how much everything cost. The little journal kept us on track for our road trip, and in the end we ended up being well under budget.

For Japan, we know the budget is already gone before we even touch down in the country because we kept saying “hey, it’s our honeymoon!”

And as much as we’re going to let loose and have fun, we need to make sure we don’t let “hey, it’s our honeymoon!” go to far.

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