Reading Challenge (the chart)


This is the chart version where we will track books as we read them. Click on any book title to go to the post we write about them when we finish each book!

(See the original post about the challenge here:

THE RULE Edward’s Book Caitlin’s Book
A book based on a fairy tale
A National Book Award winner
A YA bestseller
A book set in Canada
A book under 150 pages
A New York Times bestseller
A book becoming/became a movie 2015-2018
A book recommended by someone you just met
A book you can finish in a day
A book written by a celebrity
A memoir/autobiography
A book recommended by a family member
A graphic novel
A book published in 2017
A book and it’s prequel
A book written by a comedian
A book bought sight unseen
A classic from the 20th century
A book about a road trip
A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with
A book with an adventure
A book on science
A book that can teach you something new
A book by a Canadian author
A book you loved the cover of