The Sched

Hello All!

We’re posting daily (unless otherwise stated – we’ll post when things will be interrupted!), switching back and forth between the two of us, with posts of a specific theme.

This is the schedule for the themed days!

  • Monday Break Day – This is our breather day, so we’ll share a picture, a short story, a link, a thought, etc. Something that we were thinking about that caught our eye.
  • Blogging Tuesday – Kind of self-explanatory – both of us have a personal blog with lessons, thoughts, opinions, etc, which we’ll post about here.
  • Wedded Life Wednesday – Here we will either talk about our wedding and honeymoon planning, offer tips, review services we used, fun new things we found, etc; OR we will be talking about life as a geeky couple and offer tips or talk about our ways of handling finances, planning trips, house management, and other big things you do in cooperative adulting.
  • Thoughtful Thursday – We will split the month’s posts on two types of topics: either talking about reviews of apps, tech, gadgets and tools; or we will review/post progress notes on our goals, the book challenge, and similar activities.
  • Fun and Fluffy Friday – We will split the month’s posts on two types of topics: Half of them will be pet posts, talking about life with pets, animal products, activities with the pets, pet care, anything to do with our furry family; The other half will be us writing as the big kids we are and doing toy and craft reviews.
  • Date-Night Saturday – Here we will talk about dates, events and outings, offering options and ideas to keep romance and fun in your relationship, and offering geeky alternatives for those in need.
  • Gaming Sunday – Our full table top game reviews! At least half the month’s Sunday posts will feature a full fledged-review on a game in our library. These posts will be backed up with game-related news and events and other game-rific posts during the other half of the month.

You’ll notice a couple say they are split on the topic, although they will not be switching week-after-week, we will split a month’s posts between the two types (other than Wedded Life Wednesday, that’s just a fun random pool of couple-y bliss).

If you’re looking for a specific kind of posts, we;ve put the days in the categories so you can easily search!